Earlier this year, the City of Edmonton, the University of Alberta’s planning program, and Media Architecture Design Edmonton (MADE) organized a competition in which they invited a select group of about 25 local artists/designers to envision design solutions for two sites in downtown Edmonton. Submissions had to be in the form of hand-drawn conceptual ideas. The Jury included local councilors, municipal staff and other local designers.

pA Senior Planner/Urban Designer and Edmonton Office Lead Dnyanesh Deshpande submitted an idea for a multi-purpose art cube in Beaver Hills Park, and last week it was selected as “Most Implementable” of all the entries received. According to the judges, “this design utilizes scaffolding to support various installations such as art pieces, decorative lighting and even a movie screen. The Judges gave high marks for its ability to reflect the goal of ‘simple placemaking’ and felt that this design could be expanded to other sites, therefore increasing its impact. Finally, the flexibility of the structure due to its multi-purpose nature allows for a variety of uses while also being family-friendly, accessible and safe.”

All entries are available for review on the Re-imagination website.

Congratulations, Dnyanesh!