Green Space Alliance (GSA) is an award-winning international consultancy firm with offices in Canada, India and USA. We offer sustainable urban development solutions with focus on urban planning, rural planning, urban design, town planning and landscape architecture.

Our global leaders have extensive proven experience in their local markets and have successfully completed a wide range of projects. We have an extensive experience of working with both private and public sector clients. GSA believes in collaborative design approach, which forms a strong foundation for our innovative and locally relevant solutions.

To create design solutions that improves quality of life and meets the needs of communities around the world.
Design = Ideas + People + Nature + Technology
Our Philosophy

GSA provides customised solutions to our clients, we carefully choose our internal project teams to ensure each solution is vetted through a variety of disciplines relevant to the project type. We also collaborate with other industry specialists to ensure progressive and creative solutions are delivered to our clients. We always seek to push the boundaries of our planning and design solutions through informed decision-making.



Each project solution provided by GSA is vetted through a series of environmental, social, cultural and economical reviews to ensure that the proposed solution is environmentally responsible, culturally vibrant, technologically progressive, economically feasible and most importantly people-oriented.

We have established internal systems that strive to incorporate this six-pronged approach in each project.

10+ Countries

At GSA, we have accumulated extensive global experience while working with our prestigious clients. Our clients have appreciated our contribution to unique design solutions and strategic advice for successful project completion.

Master plans
Smart communities
Leisure Parks
Theme parks
Waterfront development
Commercial development
Industrial parks
Transit oriented development
Sustainable communities.

Regional Planning
Policy Planning
Land Use Bylaws
Greenfield Development
Infill Development
Urban Design Guidelines
Architectural Controls
Development Approvals


Green Space Alliance is affiliated with LSG Landscape Architecture.