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Green Space Alliance (GSA) is an award-winning international consultancy firm with offices in Canada, India and USA. We offer sustainable urban development solutions with focus on urban planning, rural planning, urban design, town planning and landscape architecture.

Planning projects are highly interdisciplinary and require collaboration from a variety of disciplines and complex project management expertise. Excellence and personalized service have become the hallmark of GSA Consulting’s team of Planners and Designers through strong project management in managing an extensive portfolio of projects. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves in obtaining high-profile public and private sector projects that enable us to develop innovative solutions, customized to meet our clients’ unique requirements for each project. The number of awards the firm has received reflects the solid corporate knowledge of preparing planning and design documents.

About Green Space Alliance, Canada

Green Space Alliance is an international practice where each office works in their own region and offers planning and design expertise to local clients. There is collaboration between all operations to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to planning on some projects, where appropriate. Our Edmonton practice is registered (as an incorporation in Alberta) as GSA Consulting Inc. with a trade name Green Space Alliance.

In Canada, we are based in Edmonton where we have a small and diverse team of seven planners and designers. Our team members have studied at various major Canadian universities including the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, McGill University and University of Waterloo, and specialize in urban and rural planning advisory work. We have successfully completed multiple local projects in Alberta during the last 8+ years.

Green Space Alliance works closely with stakeholders and people living and working in the community where we are invited to work. We undertake extensive site visits, background analysis, public engagements, and workshops to understand and address the interests of the public; however, GSA is not the decision maker in this process.

I want to assure you that Green Space Alliance is a privately owned firm. We are not related to or affiliated to any federal government initiatives or World Economic Forum initiatives. We work with public and private sector clients by providing our urban and rural planning/design services to address their local needs. We adhere to all national, provincial, and municipal regulations, including Alberta’s provincial legislation related to planning. We are proud to contribute to the Canadian economy.

A message from Green Space Alliance Canada, Principal, Dnyanesh Deshpande

I am a long-time Canadian citizen and have called Canada my home since 2002. I am a husband, father, and a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) with the Alberta Professional Planners Institute and member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

I attended university in India where I received a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a post graduate diploma in urban design. In 2002, I moved to Canada and earned a post-graduate degree in urban planning from McGill University in Montreal. I then worked in Toronto for two and half years as an urban designer before moving to Edmonton where I gained valuable insights into the unique qualities of urban and rural planning as a public servant from 2006 to 2012. I moved on to lead the Edmonton office of a national organization for three years until I branched out on my own and created Green Space Alliance in 2015. When I relocated to Edmonton, I felt an immediate connection with the people and the culture, and wanted to work alongside Albertans to help build and shape communities that will enhance the lives of residents.

I am proud to call Alberta home where I continue to learn and grow my practice of equitable community planning. My family and I have planted deep roots in Edmonton where we are raising our family and giving back to our community in any way we can.

Dnyanesh Deshpande, RPP
Principal, Green Space Alliance, Edmonton

We believe in an integrated design process and providing progressive solutions to our clients through a multi-disciplinary process.
We have extensive experience of working with public as well as private sector clients.


Our team members have received recognition from industry experts, civil society and academic institutions.

GSA office, downtown Edmonton

Our Specialization

Urban Planning

We provide comprehensive planning solutions involving all aspects of land development and municipal planning

Rural Planning

We assist rural municipalities to develop statutory and non-statutory documents including Land Use Bylaws, Municipal Development Plans, Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans. The Plans are developed through extensive stakeholder engagement and citizen input. The final documents are approved by Councils of respective municipalities.

Urban Design

GSA’s approach to Urban Design & Master Planning projects acknowledges the relationship of the communities, urban form, technological systems as well as the effects of market trends on our cities.

Landscape Design

Our landscape design solutions utilize local materials, species and promote sustainable designs by incorporating low impact development principles.

Community Engagement

Our planning and design projects build on targeted stakeholder and public consultations. We have extensive experience in designing and facilitating design charrettes, focus group sessions, open houses and community engagement sessions


GSA’s design solutions are built on our understanding of urban elements that influence the wellbeing and lifestyle of people, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy, waste and information.



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