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Green Space Alliance (GSA) is an award winning international consultancy firm with offices in USA, Canada and India. We offer sustainable urban development solutions with focus on urban design, town planning and landscape architecture.

Our global leaders have extensive proven experience in their local markets and have successfully completed a wide range of projects around the globe. We have an extensive experience of working with both private and public sector clients. GSA believes in collaborative design approach, which forms a strong foundation for our innovative and locally relevant solutions.

GSA is actively participating in a series of academic research projects in the Indian contexts and also collaborates with other research organizations.

We believe in an integrated design process and providing progressive solutions to our clients through a multi-disciplinary process.
We have extensive experience of working with public as well as private sector clients.
Our team members have received recognition from industry experts, civil society and academic institutions.
Our Specialization

Landscape Design

Our landscape design solutions utilize local materials, species and promote sustainable designs by incorporating low impact development principles.

Community Engagement

Our planning and design projects build on targeted stakeholder and public consultations. We have extensive experience in designing and facilitating design charrettes, focus group sessions, open houses and community engagement sessions

Urban Design

GSA’s approach to Urban Design & Master Planning projects acknowledges the relationship of the communities, urban form, technological systems as well as the effects of market trends on our cities.

Place Making

GSA’s design solutions are built on our understanding of urban elements that influence the wellbeing and lifestyle of people, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy, waste and information.

Urban Planning

We provide comprehensive planning solutions involving all aspects of land development and municipal planning


We lead research on a wide range of land use, design, and public policy issues for government and non-government clients.



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