IIT Madras Research Park

Chennai, India

Complete landscape architectural services

Architect Hafeez Contractor


Project description
GSA developed a landscape design plan for the Indian Institute of Technology Research Park campus in southern India on a site with an area of approximately 4.9 ac. The campus revolves around the main landscaped courtyard formed between an existing building and newly proposed research facilities. The design is inspired from the traditional kund or stepped tank that used to be common informal places for meeting and exchange of ideas. The rigid geometry of this stepped seating area is bisected by a free flowing paving band that connects the courtyard with lake and other important places on campus.

Additionally, the landscape design contains a strong water management strategy that collects all surface water runoff into the existing lake to be reused for irrigation purposes. The planting plan included the use of native and adaptive species throughout the campus. The landscape design provides an inspiring enjoyable environment for researchers and students of the campus.