Urban Planner | Urban Designer
Edmonton, Alberta

Bhavya Mistry is an Urban designer/planner with a background in Architecture and planning. She is passionate about planning, designing, and exploring various roles planners play to successfully create a safe and vibrant place for people to live. She holds a bachelor’s in architecture from India and recently graduated with a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Her research work during masters involves streetscapes for residential and commercial streets in the North American context during Covid-19. She gained extensive knowledge and understanding of current planning and designs best practices, and behavioural experience of people while on the streets and aims to use her expertise and proficiency while working with the GSA team. Bhavya also contributes technical expertise in graphic design and Auto-CAD drafting, which advances our efforts and comprehension in support of numerous projects such as neighbourhood renewal, rezoning and land use applications.

Bhavya brings two years of prior experience in multisectoral projects such as placemaking, urban design, streetscapes, and in planning residential and commercial spaces. Prior to joining GSA’s Edmonton office, she worked with the City of Edmonton on a District planning project where she assisted in the drafting, map preparation, communication and public engagement approach for the ongoing District plans. While working with the City, she gain valuable knowledge related to developing policy writing.