Urban Planner | Intern
Edmonton, Alberta

Gavin’s interest in Urban and Regional Planning originated from a desire to shape Edmonton into a community of communities that enables residents to go about their daily life more easily and efficiently and interact with beautiful and functional public spaces.

Gavin is a 4th year Urban and Regional Planning student at the University of Alberta. He has a particular interest in creating maps with GIS and graphic design software to aid urban design and the communication of plans to the public. He has contributed to the District Planning project with the City of Edmonton, the Yellowhead County LUB, the upcoming MDPs for the City of Lloydminster and Minburn county and several land development projects in the Edmonton area.

Throughout his time at GSA, Gavin has gained experience in performing urban design analyses, creating user-friendly documents, and clear and communicative mapping. He hopes to pursue further learning in the Urban Planning and development context in  future.