On December 6, 2022, the Edmonton City council approved the Metro 78 development, a pair of 71-unit buildings on 78 Avenue between 114t and 115 streets. The site is in west McKernan/Belgravia, steps away from the McKernan/Belgravia LRT station and many community amenities. The proposed buildings are oriented towards the east fronting 114 Street with an amenity plaza between the two buildings. The plaza acts as a gateway to the pedestrian corridor of 114 Street adjacent to the LRT. Metro 78 is a truly visionary car-free development in McKernan/Belgravia. The project was conceptualized by Pinto Properties, based on European developments that make housing more equitable through transit-oriented development (TOD). Many TOD projects approved in Edmonton have a tower component and phases that will only come to fruition w over many decades and if there is enough market demand. Some of those future phases may not happen within our generation. Metro 78 is a one-phase mid-rise development with no towers – it is a granular TOD that will be completed within a few years. This is what is exciting about Metro 78 – the opportunity to turn it into an excellent model for supporting the implementation of Edmonton’s plan for a future city of 2 million residents.