Landscape Design

GSA believes in creating spaces that can bring the people close to nature. Our concept ideas begin with intense research before providing a particular design solution. We always strive to integrate ecological principles in our projects and ultimately contribute towards improving the overall quality of life.

We aim to create a balance between constructed spaces and natural systems. We have extensive experience in preparing large-scale urban master plans and urban design plans including landscape interventions, waterfront projects, parks, squares and theme based gardens. Our consultancy services include landscape design, planting design, lighting strategy, Irrigation strategy and Material specification package.

Urban Design

GSA’s approach to Urban Design & Master Planning projects acknowledges the relationship of the communities, urban form, technological systems as well as the effects of global issues on our cities.


Place making for quality of life

GSA Urban design proposals are built on our insight into the way places influence wellbeing, work and lifestyle, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy, waste and information. GSA’s planners and designers understand how place making can shape the future of a location. The location specific design solution for various cities is delivering urban working and living environments that will attract local and international investment, transforming the future of the city centre.



Urban environments are becoming increasingly complex; issues such as changes to household makeup, land scarcity and air quality require innovative solutions. GSA’s technical understanding of all layers of the built environment allows our master planners to redefine urban living and working practices.


Delivery and implementation

Key to our success is collaboration with clients, partners and stakeholders, which deliver designs that are futuristic at the same time implementable.


Our services include:

  • Urban Design and Master Planning
  • Pedestrianization studies
  • Sustainable community’s
  • City image & identity
  • Urban regeneration & retrofits
  • Urban form and density design
  • Urban design guidelines
  • Urban plaza and square
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Green Transportation Planning
  • Walkable Urbanism

Urban Planning

We provide comprehensive planning solutions involving all aspects of land development and municipal planning.

  • Development Permit Applications
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Rezoning Applications
  • Infill Design
  • Neighbourhood Designs
  • Area Structure Plans
  • Land Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection Reports
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Municipal Development Plans
  • Land Use Bylaws
  • Intermunicipal Development Plans
  • Regional Planning

Rural Planning

We assist rural municipalities to develop statutory and non-statutory documents including Land Use Bylaws, Municipal Development Plans, Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans. The Plans are developed through extensive stakeholder engagement and citizen input. The final documents are approved by Councils of respective municipalities.

Community engagement

Our planning and design projects build on extensive stakeholder and public consultations. We have extensive experience in designing and facilitating design charrettes, focus group sessions, open houses and community engagement sessions. Our consultation approach focusses on:

  • Engaging the client and key stakeholder representatives in developing the consultation program
  • Establishing transparent communication streams
  • Effective use of web-based platforms
  • Effective messaging
  • Information sharing and knowledge building
  • Develop efficient feedback loops