GSA principal Dnyanesh Deshpande and Associate Principal Marcelo Figueira recently presented at the 2024 Community Planning Association of Alberta’s Beyond Municipal Borders conference in Red Deer. Their presentation titled ‘Beyond Boundaries: Reimagining Communities Through Neighbourly Planning’ provided an in-depth exploration of Neighbourly Planning, emphasizing its people-centric approach to fostering inclusive and vibrant urban and rural communities.

The presentation integrated their expertise in rural planning, urban design, policy planning, and stakeholder engagement to highlight the transformative potential of this approach. Neighbourly Planning, championed through various projects in Alberta, prioritizes equity, accessibility, sustainability, and community well-being. It advocates for environments that are not only convenient but also welcoming and supportive, aiming to enhance the quality of life for all residents, including newcomers and longstanding community members. The presentation served as a call to action for embracing change and adopting a holistic approach to community development that fosters resilience, equity, and social vibrancy.