GSA is privileged to be a part of “Cities and SDGs – Summit on Liveable Cities and Urban Sustainability” which happened recently in Mumbai.

Dheeraj Patil, Principal at Green Space Alliance (GSA) has explained positive contribution through landscape architecture projects that helps addressing urban sustainability, climate change and city resilience in major urban areas.

It was organized by MARKENOMY Foundation together with Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA) which aimed at ensuring that the Urbanisation of INDIA synchronises with the 17 UN-SDGs (United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals) as well as brings the Government, Organizations, Associates with Development (Urban and Infrastructure), Enterprises and Corporations towards ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

“CITIES & SDGs” is INDIA’s first such Think-Tank established to move INDIA’s inclusive Growth via Liveable Cities and Urban Sustainability that will impact the future traction of HDI based GDP growths covering the 17 Fundamental Elements of the UN – SDG and alignment of the Developmental Economics across India’s Urban Growth Model.