Client: Leduc County

Role: Policy Planning, Public Consultation, Negotiations, GIS Mapping

Year: 2018-2019

Project Description:

Leduc County is a vibrant rural municipality just south of Edmonton. Pigeon Lake, along the southern boundary of the county is a premier destination and summer tourism attraction. Along its shores are a number of independent ‘summer villages’ established to serve the communities and vacationers who visit. In 2018, GSA was retained by Leduc County and the summer villages of Sundance, Itaska and Golden Days to develop a joint Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and three bi-lateral Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks.

The IDP addressed a range of important land use issues including managing development pressures, water quality and intermunicipal collaboration of servicing. It’s land use concept of the IDP manages development pressures by offering a range of land-use types from rural estates to resort-style housing developments. The policy framework also includes policies that enhance protections for the resort communities along the lakeshore contributing to their long term sustainability.