Client: Municipal District of Opportunity No.17

Role: Land Use Planning, Consultation, Project Management

Year: 2018-2020

Project Description: The Municipal District of Opportunity, located in north-central Alberta, is home to a vast expanse of boreal forest and significant oil and gas development. In 2018, GSA was retained by the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17 to update the MD’s Municipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plans for each of its four hamlets.

The project focused on updating the existing statutory documents to meet current MGA requirements and clarify policies and mapping throughout the documents. GSA conducted land use analysis, updated future land use concepts and completed all mapping and engagement for the project.

In addition. We developed policies that promote best practices in lakeshore protection, collaboration with neighbouring First Nations and recreational development. The process has included multiple meetings with members of the MD Council, administration and public engagement in the community.