Client: Pinto Properties Inc.

Role: Rezoning Application, Planning Advisory, Urban Design

Year: 2020-21

Project Description:

Green Space Alliance (GSA Consulting Inc.) was retained by Pinto Properties Inc. to prepare and submit a rezoning application for the property located at 8715 – 110 Street NW, Garneau, a mature neighbourhood in Edmonton. The site area is approximately 490 square metres and consists of one corner lot. The site is directly across from the University of Alberta East Campus Village and a block from Garneau School. The development is a three-storey multi-unit housing project comprising six units in a 12-metre-tall structure with outdoor and rooftop amenities. The approach where a slightly more intense development on corner lots bookends the interior of a block is a common strategy used throughout the city to allow additional development while preserving quieter residential areas along the interior of the block.