Client: Town of Stony Plain

Role: Urban Design, Policy Planning, Public Consultation, Illustrations

Year: 2017-2019

Project Description: GSA was retained by the Town of Stony Plain to develop their Old Town Community Plan (Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan). The project received unanimous approval by Council after having been supported through significant public engagement, advertising and stakeholder consultation.

The ARP provides a long-term vision for the transformation of the town’s Main Street and Old Town areas into a vibrant urban place that meets the density targets established in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Growth Plan.

In addition, a strong emphasis was placed on developing six key character areas within the ARP boundary. A detailed policy framework was established for each character area, which in turn was supplemented by key urban design and placemaking initiatives. The Plan also includes a comprehensive implementation strategy that highlights key big moves to be led by the Town in partnership with other local stakeholders.